Derrick Milano

“I think I have my best days when I’m in the Studio ~ I guess that’s why I’m there so much.”

The inspiring words of multi-talented and unstoppable, rapper, singer and urban songwriter, Derrick Milano. Derrick self-directed what he would call the start-up of his career, at the early age of 14, while spending time in the basement of his home. As a passionate artist, chasing a dream in hopes that it would become his reality, Derrick desired a career in the music industry.

In 2013, after completing his college studies in Florida, while learning the business of club hosting and stage performing, as an opening artist in the Orlando and Miami nightclubs, Derrick continued to spend tireless hours at various recording studios, enhancing his craft. In doing so, he expanded on his personal library of 700+ self-written songs.

In 2016, Derrick began navigating his way into the music industry. While networking and driving his own path towards success, Derrick left his mark in Miami, D.C., Atlanta and New York. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Derrick’s painstaking attention to detail, with regard to his unique style of rhythm and writing, has paved the way for him to work with well-respected producers, songwriters, and top tier industry artists.