Rice N’ Peas

Rice N’ Peas are Grammy nominated and multi-platinum producers living in LA. Known for intense melodic tracks, hard hitting drums and the ability to jump genres with ease, RnP are the guys behind Bazzi’s 2018 and 2019 mega hits “Mine” and “Beautiful”. They co-produced Bazzi’s entire album as well, which now boasts close to 2 billion streams, a platinum album, 2 multi-platinum singles and two top 10 American Radio hits.

RnP also produced G-Eazy’s  2016 top-40 radio hit and platinum single, “Some Kind of Drug” and Jay Sean ft Sean Paul’s European smash and International multi platinum single, “Make My Love go.”

They have single releases coming across many global stars and are knee deep in producing Bazzi’s sophomore album and Kiana Lede’s full length debut.