When Faouzia (pronounced FOH-ZE-UH) steps up to a microphone, a mile-deep delivery emanates from her 5’2” frame lifted by Arabic trills informed from Moroccan heritage, lifelong pop reverence culled during a childhood in Canada, and diligence indebted to over a decade of classical training. This collision of cultures, eras, and styles asserts the trilingual 19-year-old singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist as a fresh force for popular music and culture affirmed by millions of views and streams, and acclaim courtesy of LadyGunn, Ones To Watch, and more within only two years. On her 2019 debut, she transmits a message as robust, real, and relatable as her voice is. “I’d love for listeners to get what they need from my voice,” says Faouzia, “If they feel healed or happy, that would be amazing. I hope it’s a safe place for them. I’m just a normal girl trying to be the best version of myself and help others do the same. I care a lot.” Speaking on her unique voice, Faouzia says: “It’s always funny to see people’s reactions when I start singing,” she smiles, “I’m glad I’ve got this oxymoron combination of a big voice and a little body. I always push myself because of it. When I was growing up, I often felt as if I wasn’t being listened to—like a ghost. Then, I would sing, and everybody would stop and listen. Now, I’ve got a message I want everyone to listen to.”